Contributor Post Created with Sketch. Definitive Proof of the Lab Origins of COVID Exposed


We’ve been told for several months that there is just no way that there are any lab origins to the COVID virus, and that anyone who suspects otherwise is a conspiracy theorist. Well, the Governor of New Jersey accidentally tipped his hand and confirmed that this isn’t just a regular virus, this is some kind of superhero virus that could not possibly be natural.


Contributor Post Created with Sketch. Tweeting vs. Rioting


The explosive video of Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin, a white male, with his knee firmly planted on the neck of local, black resident George Floyd for nearly nine minutes, brings to public attention two forms of immunity from liability.

The first is a police officer’s broad level of qualified immunity. Floyd, who was detained under suspicion of passing a counterfeit $20 bill, became non-responsive and died shortly thereafter. Several days later, Office Chauvin was charged with murder on the correct ground that he lost his qualified immunity from prosecution because his actions so manifestly violated established norms of police behavior. That charging decision was met with universal approbation across the political spectrum, but was preceded by widespread acts of violence in Minneapolis and around the nation, bringing massive destruction to the property of innocent residents, which only intensified even after the prosecution was announced.


Senior Policy Analyst at the Independent Women’s Forum Inez Feltscher Stepman joined Culture Editor Emily Jashinsky in discussion on feminism and the Left’s recent attempts to ratify the Equal Rights Amendment (ERA).

Stepman compared feminist controversies in different decades with recent rebukes from women concerning the themes of Lana Del Rey’s music and the Hulu series “Mrs. America” portrayal of Phyllis Schlafly and the ERA. Both reflect the truth, Stepman argues, that many women feel devalued because of the feminist Left’s cultural takeover and radical suppression of differences between genders.


Contributor Post Created with Sketch. Clint Eastwood Is 90! (And Other Things)


This is a good time for a Titus Techera digest since I’m alone among conservatives banging the drums–Clint Eastwood turned 90 and is still working. I’m not sure why this man isn’t celebrated, his movies talked about, and work imitated, but here’s my National Review essay on Eastwood‘s turn to civic virtue and manliness over the last dozen years or so. Here are podcasts on Gran Torino and Unforgiven!

My most recent essay is over at American Mind, on self-mastery as the needful thing for young men in these crazy times of the lockdown. While this essay was in editing, many young men turned instead to rioting of the most shameful kind in so many places.


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In over 37 years of writing and commenting on current events, I don’t think I’ve ever struggled with whether or not to write on any particular topic as much as I have this one. The problem isn’t that it’s difficult to condemn murderers. On the contrary, what happened to Mr. George Floyd is unimaginable, and yet we saw it happen right in front of us. I can’t fathom what this gentleman went through, begging for mercy, crying while trying to simply breathe before ultimately losing consciousness and dying. A nation watched as that gentleman was killed, begging for his very life under the suffocating weight of a cop who was as passively disinterested in his victim as a predator in the wild waiting for the death of its prey. Likewise, hunting down and killing a black man out on a jog, as that stupid little posse of murderers did to Ahmad Aubrey, is equally infuriating and incomprehensibly vile. It’s inhuman. It’s depraved. And it is inexcusable. Period. Full stop.

Under those circumstances, uniting the country really wasn’t difficult at all. From the White House to practically every house, every church, every business and social gathering in the country, all were horrified, angered, and continue to demand justice for George Floyd, Ahmad Aubrey, as well as their families and friends. That nationwide anguish and anger undoubtedly helped bring about the firing of all the officers involved, murder charges against the officer with his knee on Mr. Floyd’s neck, the likelihood of charges against the other officers, and brought murder charges against those who savagely killed Ahmad Aubrey.


Contributor Post Created with Sketch. If We Want to Defend Religious Freedom, We Have to Define It First


“Hey Siri, define ‘religious freedom.’” Of the dozens of results you’d find by posing that simple question, one of the clearest is set forth by the American Civil Liberties Union.

“The First Amendment to the U.S. Constitution says that everyone in the United States has the right to practice his or her own religion, or no religion at all,” the ACLU’s site reads. So far so good—a definition clear enough to cover those on the right, left, and everywhere in between.


Is Scotland Becoming North Korea? James and Toby discuss the latest authoritarian announcements of Scottish First Minister Nicola Sturgeon – or, as Toby prefers to call her, Nic Sturge-un. Also on the agenda: Is it now illegal to have sex in England? Who’s behind the riots tearing apart America’s cities? Why is Space Force no good?


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Superego: Fathom by Frank J. Fleming is the sequel to his 2015 novel Superego, where Fleming tells the story of Rico, the top hitman for one of the biggest intergalactic crime syndicates. Rico is a psychopath – a man with no conscience or ability to empathize with other people. It’s a big part of what makes him so successful in his line of work. He’s never found a problem he can’t shoot his way out of, until he’s forced to pretend to be the good guy and find himself feeling emotions he never knew existed. Like love.

This review will contain spoilers for Superego, so if you haven’t read it yet you should stop now and go buy it. There’s also a short story that’s a prequel to the series – Superego: Personality Test – that you can read for free on Fleming’s website.


Contributor Post Created with Sketch. Recommended by Ricochet Members Created with Sketch. Protestors: You’ve Been Duped


It’s been a lousy few months for everyone, especially for the black community. You’ve experienced more illness from COVID-19 than almost any other group. You lost your jobs right after the economy expanded and gave you work. Then you were stuck at home for weeks on end. And then George Floyd was killed. And your world exploded.

Your initial reaction is no surprise to many of us—for years you’ve listened to the litany of anger against law enforcement, so it only seemed right to join a protest. So you did. Except that in these protests, you can’t see the truth: you’re being used, so used.


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We have yet to see that first day, here in Contra Costa County. The grocery store, the drug store, and restaurant take-out are the main excursions excluding medical appointments. The television gives us a window on the world — but only that of the content producers’ choosing.

The internet gives more flexibility, including here at Ricochet. One can choose what to consume, assuming Google, YouTube, and Twitter approve.


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Yesterday’s Quote of the Day was Solzhenitsyn on China shared by @richardeaston. In the conversation that followed, @hangon replied:

If you follow Solzhenitsyn’s logic, no alliances would ever be formed since all countries and governments at some level have diverging interests. To defeat the Soviet Union, we tacitly allied with not only China but with fundamental Islam. (Remember them?) Solzhenitsyn’s idea is extremely naive.


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On Facebook, I would reckon that most of my friends are conservative of one stripe or another. Most of them are old school friends, and we’re from a conservative county in the Smoky Mountains. Several others are college friends, and Rhodes was a moderately conservative campus, overall. But with both environments, we have our exceptions. And they have opinions this week and decided to share them with the rest of us.

You see, the riots that started in Minneapolis and spread around the country, complete with vandalism, arson, battery, and now the killing of a couple of law enforcement officers… those are understandable and shouldn’t be criticized. Those who object to this say that the rioters should be expressing themselves peacefully? Oh, like Colin Kaepernick, right? Well, if you criticized Kaepernick for his peaceful protest, then you’re a hypocrite for criticizing the violent riots now.


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We are witnessing a coordinated campaign of domestic political violence intended to impose governing results that the leftist controlled Democrat Party fear they cannot get by the ballot box. We know, it is a matter of public record, that Democrat insiders were fearful that the economy would recover enough to yield President Trump’s reelection. If he is reelected, the Republicans likely hold the Senate and have a shot at the House. The Democrats will do whatever they think might stop that outcome. Period.

We have actual coordinated Black Shirts conducting devastating and destructive violence across the nation. The states have been given the chance to take the measure of their local elected leaders. Some have been weighed in the balance and found doubly wanting, by the pandemic response, and by the response to the oldest imperative of any government: providing basic security where its writ runs.


Contributor Post Created with Sketch. NYPD Targeting Jews While Brooklyn Burns


Adding this to the long list of occasions over the last two months where the City of New York and its government (led by Bill DeBlasio) has decided to divert much-needed resources into Jewish neighborhoods in Brooklyn in order to intimidate and harass its residents.


Recommended by Ricochet Members Created with Sketch. Day 132: COVID-19 What Do You Fear More?


The events of the past few days have reshuffled the deck on the pandemic response. Social distancing is going out the window in many places even as masks are repurposed to disguise rioters. Lockdown? What lockdown? Law enforcement of social distancing is being disregarded without consequence. In an instant, our fear of disease is being placed in an entirely different context.


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Human beings are not rational beings. We struggle against our darker selves and we cannot always win. As humans, we cannot win alone

Recommended by Ricochet Members Created with Sketch. One Week from Now: Law and Order Polling at All-time High


In a remarkable turnaround from just a week ago when concepts such as law and order were deemed less popular than the coronavirus, pollsters across the country are now reporting that lawfulness has reached a record high approval rating, particularly among minorities.

As sociologists struggled to explain what could be motivating an unprecedented number of Americans of all backgrounds to support peaceful protesters over violent mobs, firemen over arsonists and the police over looters, public officials at every level of government scrambled to signal to their constituents their support for the rule of law.


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“There are many things I do for amusement, but for happiness I like to gather up my memories and go for a walk in the rain.” – Robert Brault

I have four older sisters. One summer in the mid-’80s, they were working for The Daily Herald, Utah County’s newspaper. They had to deliver the paper to people who hadn’t received theirs. One day, they decided to take me with them. We were riding in a Volkswagen Rabbit, I believe.


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Okay folks it’s called pain compliance for a reason. Protected speech is not: vandalism, theft, arson, assaults, or blocking traffic. Once the first bottle or brick is thrown, when the first window is smashed, or fire has started then the party is over.


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Many storefronts near my office in downtown DC have been smashed. A restaurant killed off by the COVID shutdown suffered the further indignity of smashups and stupid graffiti. Some good pictures here:


Recommended by Ricochet Members Created with Sketch. The life of an “internet bigot”


My name is Jeff Hawkins, my twitter handle (and formerly here) is Crapgame13 (Don Rickles in Kelly’s Heroes plus my lucky number). If you look up Crapgame13, some accounts that are Crapgame13 are me, some are not. Most have my name attached.

On the internet, I’m accused of being a bigot. Here’s what that’s like in the day to day world.


Contributor Post Created with Sketch. Recommended by Ricochet Members Created with Sketch. Quote of the Day: Barbarians


“Every society rests on a barbarian base. The people who don’t understand civilization, and wouldn’t like it if they did. The hitchhikers. The people who create nothing, and who don’t appreciate what others have created for them, and who think civilization is something that just exists and that all they need to do is enjoy what they can understand of it—luxuries, a high living standard, and easy work for high pay. Responsibilities? Phooey! What do they have a government for?

“And now, the hitchhikers think they know more about the car than the people who designed it, so they’re going to grab the controls.


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It seems to me the current mess in Minneapolis is just one more drop in the bucket that the police are the enemy of the people in that city. Apparently, they shoot you if you call 911, and they will suffocate you if you get arrested. And now, they cannot stop rioting.

So basically, they are so incompetent that they kill you if you are a law-abiding citizen who encounters them, but the let you run rampant if you are a looter. They sure are not going to protect your business.


Recommended by Ricochet Members Created with Sketch. AG Barr’s Statement on the Death of George Floyd and Riots


Attorney General William P. Barr has issued the following statement:

“The greatness of our nation comes from our commitment to the rule of law.

The outrage of our national community about what happened to George Floyd in Minneapolis is real and legitimate. Accountability for his death must be addressed, and is being addressed, through the regular process of our criminal justice system, both at the state and at the federal level. That system is working and moving at exceptional speed. Already initial charges have been filed. That process continues to move forward. Justice will be served.